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Breaking News. Sony PS4 players can play online with the Xbox One gamers.

Are you fully satisfied when you play games online? Perhaps you ever dreamed to play cross-platform, for example Sony PS4 with the Xbox One. If this happens, there will be a new revolution in the gaming world. It looks like this craziest dream will come true soon.

There is tremendous news for XBox One ardent fans and true connoisseurs Sony PS4. Now both gaming enthusiast of both well-known brands can play together online. This is the craziest dream of Microsoft, to realize the dream of Xbox One gamers and PS4 players to play games online with the same network. This is the most wonderful breakthrough for enthusiast gamers of both brands, which are actually competing all the time. 

Are you ready?

Meanwhile, Agostino Simonetta, the boss of ID@Xbox Europe, has even said that he was ready to realize the cross-play feature, so the Sony PS4 players can fight online with XBox One enthusiast. The statement was a continuation of the discourse that is spoken by Director of ID @ Xbox Chris Charla March 2016. At that time, Charla says that the Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 could be incorporated into the same network.
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Rocket League. Image:
However, to realize this dreams, developers of each game must also be ready to support fully. When all was ready, the online game will be more exciting than ever. Should the developers of the game from the Xbox One and Sony PS4 not trapped in their own ego. They should be aligned to the needs of players of both brands, very beautiful even if there are other brands that can join this "unity", so they can create "peace" in the world of gamers.

However, there is always good news for gamers as Microsoft and Xbox are very open with the feature. Until this article was written, there was already a game that already siiap to support those features. You probably already know that the game is Rocket League. Are you familiar with this game?

As quoted from Gamespot, Simonetta said that "As a platform, we can not force the developer to release (the game cross-play). (This feature) will be ready if the developers are ready," Over the years, the game developers of XBox one or PS4 will certainly realize that it is better to work together as a team, so it can satisfy gamers to interact with one another, which is among the enthusiast and gamers of Sony PS4 with Xbox One lovers.
XBox One, Microsoft, Sony PS4, cross-play, PS4, PS4 vs XBox, Rocket League, game develovers
Sony PS4 vs XBox One. Image:
Simonetta enthusiastically said, that the "Rocket League became the first game to cross-play - and it is a game that requires an internet connection. So, any game that you want to update a game that included cross-play, all titles to be released , we are ready".

Good collaboration will certainly provide benefits to all parties. The digital age is not always about competition, but also cooperation in the interest of consumers. Both Microsoft and Sony, would have a great team to negotiate and realize the dreams of gamer worldwide. They can meet face to face, such as in Bali. The natural beauty of the island of Bali will inspire them to produce the best solution.

Sony rumors: PlayStation 4 in 4K resolution

Is the Playstation 4 enthusiast of will be delighted with this news? 

Sony rumored to be making a new version of the PS4, which is capable of displaying 4K resolution game graphics. If this is true, you have to prepare extra money, although you can trade up to get this new version PS4. If you are indeed a true enthusiast of Sony PS4, this rumor will definitely make you more excited to play the latest games in 4K resolution, which would have been more amazing and more detail than the Full-HD version.

This horrendous news was cited by from kotaku sites, because there are a number of game developers who have been told by Sony about this. Although there is no confirmed news about when the Sony PS4 4K version will be ready, and went on sale for the enthusiast gaming and beginners who are just starting to try Sony PS4 after being satisfied with the PlayStation 3 or Microsoft Xbox and other gaming console.
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Sony PS4 in 4K resolution? Image:
Surprisingly there are other rumors, stating that the 4K Sony PS4 version will be sold in 2017, not this year. Therefore, Sony will continue to market PS4 regular version that is currently circulating in the market. Game developers are now even have a call for PlayStation this latest version, namely PS4.5. 

This news certainly makes more sense, because Sony does not want to make noise in the market. Moreover, the world economy is still somewhat sluggish, particularly in China and Europe are still busy with refugees, which would make the economy in the region is getting disrupted. The US market is also not necessarily be ready with this latest version of the PS4.

If you are not aware of the presence of the PS4.5, you should give some time to the engineers at Sony, to develop new products in detail. To run the game with 4K resolution, it takes the ability to process graphics are much higher, compared with the existing PS4. Sony's engineers would have to pay serious attention to the sectors of the CPU and GPU, not only on the design of the game console itself. You certainly do not want to let down by such problems.
Sony PS4, Sony PS4.5, Sony PlayStation 4 in 4K, Sony PS4 4K, 4K PS4, UHD TV, 4K resolution, new PS4, Xbox
Sony PS4 with 4K UHD TV. Image:
Sony certainly has a special reason why must immediately develop PS4 with 4K technology, although it is not uncommon to soon launch a new version when existing products are still relatively new. However, if you visit electronics stores then you will definitely see there are many models of UHD TV with 4K resolution, and you must pay the high price. Therefore, it makes more sense when Sony launched the latest version of PS4 in 2017, so the market had ample time to adjust their budgets and set the time to buy UHD TV, and you do not have to buy the latest model.

Apparently, behind the steps taken to develop the Sony 4K technology in the PS4 is because its main competitor, Microsoft is conducting an important update on the XBox, which perhaps could distract the gaming enthusiast. Sony certainly did not want to miss an opportunity to seize the market from competitors, particularly Microsoft.