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Breaking news: Dell has launched 3-in-1 laptops

Dell has launched Latitude 7000 and 5000, two unique laptop models, 3-in-1, that can be functioned as a laptop, tablet and desktop PCs. You must be curious with this magical laptop. Are you ready?

You must have seen a convertible laptop just referred to as a 2-in-1 laptop, which can switch the function as laptops and tablets, according to your needs. However, Dell has made a surprise by launching a 3-in-1 laptop. This company will tempt you with this unique two laptop models, the Latitude 5000 and Latitude 7000, both of which have different screen sizes, the 11 inch Dell Latitude 5000, and 12.5 inches for the Latitude 7000.
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Dell Latitude 7000 and Latitude 5000. Image:
Why this new product is referred to as a 3-in-1 laptop because both the Latitude 5000, and the Latitude 7000 but can turn into a laptop and a tablet, it turns out they can be transformed into a desktop PC by connecting it to an external monitor, using an additional docking, which known as the Thunderbolt Dock. As the name implies, this docking using Thunderbolt port as the main tool for data transfer. 3 Thunderbolt standard designed by Intel, which they can use to deliver the data, bandwidth up to 40 Gbps, as well as video and power.

Dell positioning these two products for professionals and business people, which means that the device is equipped with Intel vPro technology. This technology has a number of features allowing users in professional circles, one of which is a higher level of security.

The Latitude 5000 can be had for about US $ 749, while the Latitude 7000 you can take home for about US $ 1,049. If you are a professional or a businessman, it is one of Dell's product is the most appropriate choice to support all of your activities, so you can be more successful in facing competition in 2016.

Meanwhile, you can choose a 2-in-1 laptop with more affordable prices manufactured by Acer or Asus, with a smaller size, so it is more convenient to carry anywhere. However, everyone has different needs and styles, so size is not a major issue, so are the prices.

The existence of 3-in-1 laptop that has been manufactured by Dell, is bound to make other plants such as Asus, Acer or Sony, may also Lenovo will also launch models like the Latitude 5000 or 7000. If true, then the gadget enthusiast unique, definitely want to have at a price that is more friendly, but with features and more sophisticated technology than Latitude 7000 or 5000.