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Samsung Galaxy NX (LTE) EK-GN120 great interchangeable lens system camera

If you are a photography enthusiast who is very mobile, and want to always be connected easily to transfer photos, the Galaxy NX (LTE) EK-GN120, designed by Samsung could be the most suitable choice for you. Samsung Galaxy NX is an interchangeable lens system camera always connected. This camera change objective and looks at the world with different eyes. The Galaxy EK-GN120 can create superior image quality.

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Samsung Galaxy EK-GN120. Image:
Because you choose the Samsung Galaxy EK-GN120, then you can leave the computer at home. Create and share your best pictures and movies you've ever made. 

The Galaxy NX is always connected with the 3G / 4G and integrated Wi-Fi and allows you to express yourself by the sharpness of image, versatility and ease of use of Android and the ability to share your shots instantly with any device.  

The Galaxy EK-GN120 is powered with the advanced sensor technology makes taking your images to life. Designed with autofocus hybrid phase detection and contrast, the CMOS sensor in APS-C of the Galaxy NX has a resolution of 20.3 Megapixels to offer high picture quality and vivid colors and realistic. The size of the APS-C sensor allows to obtain wonderful effects of depth of field and blur. The sensor captures a greater amount of light to take pictures and video bright and free of noise in all conditions. The EK-GN120 also allow you to shoot in low light conditions.

Works on Galaxy NX (LTE) an ever-expanding range of interchangeable lenses for endless shooting possibilities, taking advantage of the superior performance of the camera and its advanced hybrid autofocus system. Use a wide-angle and exploits the full depth of field with ease and confidence. Uses the optical effects to enrich your shots with extraordinary visual impact. Discover a new way to photograph that you've never even imagined.

If you choose the Galaxy NX (LTE) EK-GN120 as your new companion, you can travel lighter but you carry a lot more. The Galaxy NX camera is the most versatile and integrates support for both 3G and even 4G Wi-Fi, so you can upload, share and even post on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram your images and videos. Plus, you can download the best Android app to touch up your shots and surprise the friends and relatives. Capture, create and share wherever you go with the Galaxy NX.

The intelligent Galaxy NX is based on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Try Android app and image processing, video effects and keep in touch with friends. Upload photos and videos online, and browse, sync your devices and much more. You are very lucky to live in the digital age and the Internet, so your creativity can be channeled easily, even very fast with 3G network or Wi-Fi. The Samsung EK-GN120 is a response to a new technology, and has put together intelligently by Samsung to satisfy your passion for photography.
Samsung Galaxy NX (LTE) EK-GN120, Galaxy NX, Samsung Galaxy camera, Galaxy NX camera, interchangeable lens, 4G LTE camera

Samsung NX (LTE) Galaxy EK-GN120 . Image:
This new Galaxy camera has special feature to create a photo album. The Story Album allows you to create and print photo albums. Organize photos into the timeline, adjust size shots, creating albums optimized for viewing on the camera display and on any device. With Camera Studio you can save your profiles and shutter favorite apps. Choose Photo Suggest to find views with apps like TourWrist and TripAdvisor. With Gallery and Story Album share images.

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy EK-GN120 is designed for young photographers, but those of you who have a young soul, and have a high passion for creativity in photography, then this camera could be your companion for a holiday, and a variety of social activities, can even support your business activities. Perhaps students could also maximize the sophistication of the Galaxy.