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The main reason: Why Nikon acquire Samsung NX tech?

Nikon has acquired Samsung NX technology, so it can be free to develop Nikon mirrorless camera because the Samsung is more master and experts in image sensor technology. Whether Samsung will successfully compete with Olympus, Sony and Panasonic?

Having previously denied rumors about Nikon acquired Samsung NX, the news finally proven. Indeed, there are pros and cons about this horrendous acquisition. According to Samsung's employees who manage the development of the Samsung NX camera has been moved to another place. NX sales even reported to have been stopped in several countries. also reported that it had bought a Nikon APS-C sensor 1 inch of Samsung and develop it, and then acquired the intellectual property for the NX camera technology systems, as well as using NX lens itself. This acquisition is a breakthrough for Nikon as a photography company, which is also the nearest competitor of Canon. Is this acquisition will strengthen the division of Nikon mirrorless camera? Of course, time will tell how the fate of Nikon mirrorless camera business in the near future.
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Nikon acquired Samsung NX. Image:
Why Nikon acquired of Samsung NX? According DIY Photography kareena of Samsung has a great image sensor technology. Also reported that of Samsung will no longer be running the camera business, but will continue to produce image sensor, and the course will be made compatible with Nikon cameras, mirrorless cameras in particular. With the technological superiority of Samsung NX, Nikon could menghsilkkan Third Fourt Micro cameras or mirrorless cameras better than Nikon 1 series.

There is no official confirmation until now, whether as a result of this acquisition will also be produced image sensors for Nikon DSLR cameras. Nikon also has not provided information about the continuation of cooperation between Sony and Nikon in the field of image sensors. Perhaps Nikon will continue to maintain its cooperation with Sony specifically for the production of image sensors for digital SLR cameras only. Of course only those who are knowledgeable about the consequences that would arise of this acquisition.

Although Samsung has expertise in the field of technology image sensor for mirrorless cameras, but the presence of Samsung in the market mirrorless cameras are considered not able to compete on an ongoing basis because these companies did not have financial incentive to compete with Sony or Panasonic, and of course the Olympus who has the greater power to competed in the field of mirrorless cameras. Because that's very reasonable when Samsung finally close the camera division, and focus on smartphones and other products.
Nikon acquire Samsung NX, Nikon DSLR, Samsung NX, DSLR camera, Samsung NX tech, mirrorless camera
Nikon vs Samsung NX. Image:
As with Canon, the Nikon does have a solid role in the camera market, in particular the availability of products from various segments, namely the entry level to professional level. Unfortunately, sales of DSLR cameras has declined in recent years. Does the presence of mirrorless cameras manufactured Panasonic, Olympus or Sony have affected the mindset and tendency of photography enthusiasts to mirrorless DSLR?

However, there are many people who think that Nikon diangggap wrong strategy by launching a series of Nikon 1, which has a 1-inch sensor, a small lens, moreover sold at very expensive prices. The product is considered not able to attract consumers, especially the professional segment. Sony, Panasonic and Olympus have a line-up similar cameras that have better features and technology, as well as Fujifilm. 

Nikon decision to acquire Samsung raises some pros and cons, but this decision is considered as a smart move, because Nikon could be more free to innovate and develop a mirrorless camera. Do you agree? Let us wait for further news.


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